Dawn Elgin

Meditation had been a part of my life for years, but it was two car accidents in 2017 which caused TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) that lead me to Practical Spiritualism. After my accidents, my doctors advised me to turn to meditation. They couldn’t explain why, just that there was scientific evidence of positive impact from meditation for people with TBI. I started to research which lead me to taking the Science of Mindful Awareness Teachers training. I knew that I need to learn and teach, not just to those as a spiritual practice, but to help people take control of their physical and mental health from a practical perspective as well. My hope with Practical Spiritualism is to help others find their truth in a safe place where they are comfortable and confident to explore, grow, heal and be empowered.


Practical Spiritualism is a safe space, the first rule is ‘Harm None’. No matter your gender, colour, religion or lack of, preferences or anything else, this is a place you can come to without judgement to grow and travel inward.


As a mindfulness company we support and believe in being present in every aspect of life, both on and off the cushion/mat. We achieve this through guided meditation, coaching and workshops.


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