• Dawn Elgin

Creating Space: Setting yourself up for success

Just like yoga and working out, Meditation is simply a practice. And just like anything, as you practice you will notice long-term changes and benefits.

In getting started is is good to have a place where you can sit regularly. This can be as simple or adorned as you wish. It can be as basic as putting a specific blanket down in your room, then when you are done you can put it away and use the space for other purposes. Or, you may wish to have a room set up or other permanent space for your practice.

Ritual is key over complexity. Some people want dim lights or candles, maybe music or essential oils or incense. It could be outside or in and the props are to your choosing as well. There is no right or wrong, just preference. Over time as you practice meditation, your space will begin to support you. Your brain will become conditioned to the environment and start preparing for meditation as you go through your ritual. The brain begins to even make physical adjustments for what it now knows is coming, this is called Environmental Conditioning. So minimal or elaborate, set up in a way that supports your intention. Eventually you only need to sit in this space and you will feel an emotional shift that allows us to come back to center and re-balance.



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